Root De-Branded desire about to be picked up by HTC...


I debranded, updated and rooted my phone with the latest froyo hboot 0.93 +unrevoked and all was fine till a day or two ago when the reboot overheat loop Hit me!!! Only happens when doing intensive tasks or watching high def videos

Now i gotta send it back to HTC and dont want them to see what ive done, they know its a branded phone as they mentioned over the phone after taking my imei.

So i figured i should make it as close to as it was when i got it. I downgraded hboot to 0.83 then re installed my networks official ruu back to the phone. Now the h-boot is 0.80 the software is 2.1eclair + branded no root like it used to be.

By the way the issue still persists on the branded rom im on now.

Now im wondering if ive covered all bases. I need it to be fresh like out the factory, is using the official ruu enough?
I cleared everything I could with clockwork before downgrading.