Deactivated Boost ZTE on Sprint 4G


Can some please tell me...
How in the world my deactivated Boost Mobile phone is connected to Sprints 4G?
I thought I had soft bricked my ZTE Force, so I switched my account to another phone. Today, I was just playing around, trying to figure out how to fix my ZTE. Even though it is deactivated, I started the hands free activation... Next thing I knew it was connected to Sprint server with a funky numeric user name and the MDN & MSID are identical numbers (when it was on boost, the MDN was my phone number, now they are 4 numbers). The phone kept trying to go through the activation process, but I stopped it in the middle. Yes, it has been rooted but messed it up when I flashed the wrong google package to it, I could get 3G and 4G but could not make, send, or receive calls or texts. I did flash the stock ROM back on it. I tried everything I could thing of, find on the web, and entered # codes to try to fix it. All I wanted to do was, be able to have it as a HotSpot for netflix... It is doing that now. I really didn't know what I was doing, before the bad flash or with the deactivated ZTE to get to where it is now.
So, now I have a deactivated Boost Mobile ZTE that is connected to Sprint 4G.
Can someone please tell me.. How is this possible? Free 4G
Or maybe someone can help me to get it working properly again with the proper root and ROM...


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I have noticed on my bill with sprint for the past 4-5 months they have been calculating how much 4g I use. They use to not do that untill they brought 4g to our area.