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Dead but still touch responsive screen on Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wissaib, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. wissaib

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    Hello everybody

    I have a Galaxy Tab A 10.1, specifically the SM-P585 model with S Pen. The thing is that a few days ago the screen died. However, althought it's completely black and not showing any image, it's still responsive to touch. I can notice that because I am able to do things such as activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi by touching the screen in the place where the Wi-Fi icon should be.

    Considering that it's likely that just the display part of the screen is not working, while the touch responsiveness seems to be fine, what kind of damage it could be? Do you think it could be bad enough to need to replace the whole screen, or could be just a connector issue?

    Also, for example, when connecting the tablet to my Windows computer, the computer makes the corresponding sounds when connecting or disconnecting some peripheral, so the tablet is pretty much alive despite the display issues. I think that someone accidentally might have sit over the tablet, but it doesn't seem to have any kind of external damage, and also it's protected by a screen protector and a hard case.

    Is there any internal connector that has to do only with the display part of the screen, but not with the touch responsiveness?


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