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Dead mx box

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by bennylad, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. bennylad

    bennylad New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 18, 2016
    Hi guys I need a little help . I found an old mx box and decided to update the firmware so I could have a newer version of Android on it I first tried to reset the box and put it into recovery mode but this didn't work it just booted to the home screen of xbmc I tried box off toothpick in av hole power on held reset pushed in but nothing I've also tried the same but with the power lead out reset held in power lead plugged in then just boots to home screen . So I went a different route I put a firmware on sd card and went into apps upgrade local found the firmware and the little android guy came up and started to update to about 90% then screen went to no signal now box doesn't show anything on the screen but when powering on it goes from red to blue light . I have a feeling i have bricked the device . I have now downloaded the stock android fir this device and I've made a sd card via boot card maker the only thing I have to do is get the bloody box to boot into recovery which it has never done even before I attempted the firmware upgrade . Can anyone give me help on how to get this box into recovery mode please.


  2. Koopakid

    Koopakid Member

    Dec 20, 2016
    It sounds like the box doesn't have a recovery mode installed, which can happen as I was shipped a bricked box with no recovery mode installed. Luckily for me I was able to return the box for a replacement without the hassle of messing around with it so much. Without knowing what the model of the box is all the advice I can give you is to google how to install recovery mode for that certain model. I know it's a very vague answer but you should be able to find the info you're looking for by searching for how to install the recovery mode.

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