dead phone?

last night my phone was working great.. i went to seep with my phone on the charger... i woke up this morning to a dead phone?

i tried rebooting it and taking the battery out and putting it on the charger..


when i put it on the charger the charge light doesnt come on?

i tried using a different charger and still nothing. anyone have a solution?



You have already tried to obvious. Pulling the battery and checking with another charger is where I would start as well. You might look into the usb port on your phone and make certain a pin hasn't been bent over... or worse.. broke off. Beyond that I haven't a clue. If your phone is stock and insured, I'd try running the problem by my nearest outlet for some satisfaction. You might also check into your specific device's area of discussion here at AF to see if any other users have had a similar problem and perhaps a fix. I'm certainly sorry you are having problems. Good luck and welcome to Android Forums.



Welcome to Forum. Another obvious thing to do would be to use a different battery. Good luck. Happy Holidays. :)