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Dead pixels (and continued awful video quality)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CTIGUK, Mar 28, 2016.


    CTIGUK Newbie
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    Anyone else had any issues with dead pixels?

    15 days after my phone arrived. (i.e. a day after the auto-warranty return period was up) my S7 Edge developed three dead pixels. This shouldn't be too much of an issue, as a guy at Sprint is replacing my phone with a brand new one (because 'there aren't any refurbed ones available yet - so you got lucky'.) But I would be royally pissed if I had to take a refurbed phone 15 days after picking it up.

    Secondly, after another trip out, my video quality was crap. Again.

    (Make sure you switch the setting to 1080p60 on the Youtube quality cog to get the accurate high quality video)

    - look at the sky at all times
    - look at the colours on the red shirt - they are totally blocky.

    In both cases, blockiness is really pronounced. Like it's being heavily compressed. Sony sensor.

    Please don't tell me 'that's youtube upload quality' as a) it is nothing to do with it (it is exactly the same quality on the phone) and b) i'll assume you work for Samsung, as that's all they kept saying as an excuse when I raised it with them.

    I am HOPING that somehow this is just a problem with my phone, and when i get the dead pixel handset replaced, I will have a phone with significantly improved video. It seems crazy this will be a single phone issue, but I'm hoping, as it's a superb phone other than that, and I'm getting to like the camera, despite the over-saturation in bright vs dark scenes.


    CTIGUK Newbie
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    Interestingly this clip here taken by another user, seems to show similar brights and no blockiness (not obviously, anyway)... but does have occasionaly jerky behaviour /frame skips that has been reported by other users with slowmo


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