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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jellybun, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. jellybun

    jellybun Member
    Thread Starter

    Is development for this phone dead?

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  2. jlede

    jlede Android Expert

    Yea died along time ago like 3 months ago
  3. jellybun

    jellybun Member
    Thread Starter

    damn..................................thats sad:(
  4. Xieon

    Xieon Well-Known Member

    Pretty much, and it's unfortunate.

    For a while I had a rooted vv5, stock, somehow. Then I lost it, and can't get it back.

    I've tried both using #2, and the Plague rom, and had issues with both. Now I'm running stock vv3, and it's seems to be the most stable, but I'm still running a very old phone, and it's pushing the limits, and I have no way to update it.

    I have a LG Motion 4g, which is a much superior phone, but the screen cracked. However, I neither have the money to buy a new phone, or fix the screen (I've spent most of my time, and money involved in a battle fighting to see my daughter :( Court costs a lot :( )

    On a side not does anyone know a good website/store that can replace just the front screen of an LG Motion 4g.

    (Didn't realize there was a total on uploads. So one upload, and I'll upload one to another server -

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  5. VV3 and anything below it is garbage firmware, and many have complained that last system upgrade caused a $hitload of internet connection issues for anyone running VV4 and under. I think it was you who was asking around for a recovery?

    BTW I have copies of ALL Connect firmware, custom ROMs, CWM recoveries and root kits. Don't use VV3. Just say the word, I'll upload whatever you need to my dropbox.

    If your Motion's LCD is still intact, you may only have to replace the digitizer, and you can find them on eBay for a decent price.
  6. id05dav

    id05dav Newbie

    Would be nice to get the Connect all in one root and recovery zip. Tried a few of the links posted in the other threads and they all seem to be broken. :( will keep looking.
  7. I should have an AIO kit in my Dropbox. You need to tell me whether you have a MS840 or MS840V model Connect, and also what firmware you are currently running (ZVA, VV3 etc). Get back to me soon, PM or otherwise since I no longer own a Connect, and I need the drive space!
  8. id05dav

    id05dav Newbie

    I'll be mashing f5 in my inbox then:p
  9. DirtAddsHP

    DirtAddsHP Newbie

    Can you PM me the link as well? ZVA for me.

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