Dealextreme android phone.


Hello everybody, I am new to this forum.

I might have just made a big mistake. I bought a chinese W450 android phone on It was cheapish.
Apparently, it is android 4.2.2 and it is ROOTED! It shouldn't be, should it? Even though I do a factory reset, it stays rooted. I have contacted, and they simply do not reply, neither their telephone n


Hello Eddie3000 welcome to AF. :)

Yeh, some off-brand and no-name Chinese phones do come rooted, that happens, and they stay rooted even after factory resetting them. Thing is any ROM has to come from a source that knows about the device, and in this case it's some whatever thing in China. Rather than something reliable and trustworthy, like say Cyanogen or Paranoid. Cyanogen only makes ROMs for popular known devices or where the manufacturer provides support and information, e.g. Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, etc. The cameras with cheapos, knock-offs and no-names are often shit, nothing you can do about it.

My recommendation is to have a read of this...
...and maybe RMA the phone for a refund, which sounds like it's not possible.

BTW I'm in China, and very familiar with these things, I have a Samsung and an Oppo.


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if you paid with paypal, lodge a complaint. short of sending the device back, which i don't recommend, chances are high that paypal's leverage will be at least able to get you a few bucks back to make the problem go away.

i've been down this road with a chinese knock-off phone that was not as advertised. i was able thru paypal to recover...tough to remember....somewhere in the area of 25%.


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If I'm only going to get 25% back I might as well keep it and try to flash the device. I'll try and contact them again, and if they don't answer I'm simply never buying nothing from again.

Thanks for that link. Good information!