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Okay, so my HTC inspire 3G started playing lay me down by the dirty heads randomly today and won't stop. I've tried taking the battery out, restarting the phone [the creepy part is that during the restart the song continued to play] and i have checked the most obvious answer, the actual music player. I can play songs from my music, pandora and youtube but they all play over this same song. And now making calls i hear this song in the background as if the person i'm talking to is listening to it while on the phone with me. Should i go to an ATT store or something? WTF?!

P.S. i dont have any mental illnesses. lmfao.


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Let's try the Inspire Support and Troubleshooting sub-forum for your issue, leahgracee.

I've moved your question/thread for you.


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There was an app I installed recently that made this same thing happen (randomly play a song and unable to stop it). At the moment, I can't recall which one it was. Maybe Fancy Widget or Agile Lock? What apps/widgets have you recently installed?


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Ha! Well......

Try shutting off the speaker maybe? Or go into settings and see what apps are running and just keep force closing until it stops.

Maybe a mean app?


I had to actually return my phone and get another one for that very issue about 6 months back. They said that I was the first user to report that issue. Even afer a factory reset it did not go away. I would try a reset and if it doesnt work bring it back. They cant deny you.