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Debloated stock rom. Lv3 and aristo.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The Shaken King, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. The Shaken King

    Thread Starter

    Heyo shaken king here, some of you may remember me as ninjasinabag when the lg motion and lg connect came out.
    What we have here today is a flashable (and debloated) backup for the lg aristo (and the lv3 since a tmobile rom hasn't been made yet, all you'd have to do is edit the apn settings)
    Anyways, it's the 10i stock rom available on the mpcs aristo with the only real modifications being to the amount of bloat and the removal of dm-verity.

    Instructions are contained on the thread, along with all needed files. (Messi's twrp V3 and xtremelora's iPioneer rom)


    AiO guide for the Lv3/aristo. requesting input on where to go next.


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  2. The Shaken King

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    Alright ladies and gents, we're getting close to the release of the iPioneer stock debloated rom.

    So far Xtremelora has managed to get the rom down to a manageable 700 megabytes compared to the original 1.4 gigs that it came as.
    I also discovered (by accident mind you) that the LG aristo and the LG lv3 are both fast charge capable, but don't have the necessary triggers for use. You can download the KITANA mod from XDA and use that, the option being under kernel tweaks. I personally hope to streamline the code change for the LV3 so we can have fast charge out of the box.
    More updates to follow over the next couple days once this beta is out.
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  3. The Shaken King

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    Alright, the ipioneer slim rom is up and attem. Link in OP has been edited to reflect the new thread.
    Don't forget to shoot Xtremelora a thumbs up for being a champ.
  4. The Shaken King

    Thread Starter

    Thanks to the combined efforts of Messi and czarsuperstar@gmail.com, we now have a mostly functioning port of lineage os for the Aristo/Lv3.
    WiFi and phone calls are broken still since it's a mostly functioning port.

    If anyone is willing to test it and provide logs, follow the link posted above to XDA and on page 3 is the backup made by Czarsuperstar.
  5. The Shaken King

    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone, I'm starting an "in general" archive thread on XDA for the Lv3 and the Aristo to make finding what we need much easier (while also providing a space to discuss issues and ideas)

    I'm also thinking about adding a section for mods like feradroid, HEBF, and Kitana. Personal opinion and personal settings needed.
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  6. The Shaken King

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    Guide updated.
    Stock firmware tmo and mpcs.
    Root guide (recovery+Dmverity)
    Roms available
    Tips and tricks
  7. The Shaken King

    Thread Starter

    magisk installation guide for xtremelora's slim rom added.
    Magisk init.d fix added. Credits altered for new additions.
  8. The Shaken King

    Thread Starter

    The time has come, my dudes.
    The mostly functioning lineage build has been rereleased with working wifi and data.
    The room can be downloaded from czarsuperstar@gmail.com's TWRP thread on XDA. Link is still in the first post for anyone who wants to try it out.
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    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    Thank you for this!!
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  10. Gr8guyinSF

    Gr8guyinSF Lurker

    My LG Arista LGMS210 Metro PCS is systemless rooted, but can't find a custom rom? Please guide me to the right direction where I may flash a custom rom for my Metro PCS Arista LGMS210. Thank you.

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  11. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    The information you're looking for is in the 1st post.

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  12. Gr8guyinSF

    Gr8guyinSF Lurker

    Thank you very much, I'll make sure to do a through research next time.
  13. Astr4y4L

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    Well shucks is development completely over for this phone?

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