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Debranding Orange desire - My experience

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ado, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. ado

    ado Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ths is just a note on my experience on debranding and updating my orange branded desire.
    i had a lot of reading to do at all stages if this helps anyone then perhaps that will return the help i had reading different threads.

    if you think youve read enough before you start debranding you havent!
    i debranded to get rid of the orange cr@pware and i wanted froyo sooner.

    i installed a free version of the backup app from the market place and backed all my different stuff ie: contacts messages to my 16gb card

    when creating a goldcard by far the easiest method i found was using the goldcard tool to get the cid it sent you an email with the required memory card image - used a 1gb sandisk with no probs

    i then installed
    with the goldcard in direct from the pc with the desire plugged in via usb.

    i then updated to
    which sim locked my phone (phone works minus signal without a simcard in this scenario)

    had to get my phone unlocked

  2. That sounds like a nightmare! You've put me off the idea of debranding my own handset.

    Will a mobile phone shop do it for me?
  3. Its_Red

    Its_Red Member

    Hey sorry to hear about your woes and it's good you got it sorted though I debranded, unlocked and rooted my Orange Desire without a single glitch using info found on these forums and I'm now in full swing with getting it to look just how I want it :D
  4. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Interesting read.

    Firstly I'm not sure why you flashed a second ROM image to get to 1.21.405.2 rather than just allowing it to update OTA?

    Secondly, I don't understand when you say you installed 2.2 then went back to the 1.21 firmware as this isn't possible without rooting AFAIK.

    Lastly, and for the benefit of anyone else, it's a good idea to get your phone unlocked before you start as there's a very good chance you'll need to anyway. You can get a code off eBay for about
  5. ado

    ado Lurker
    Thread Starter

    first point i had already downloaded the files ie 1.21 and it had worked previously

    it was obvious 2.2 hadnt worked, i then researched and found a thread where people were experiencing the same problems no wifi no signal and force closing they posted that reinstalling 1.21 worked which i was suprised because id read the new hboot wouldnt allow it but it did allow me to reinstall 1.21 the only conclusion could be that 2.2 hadnt totally installed for some reason

    i sent emails to ebay sellers with prices ranging from 6 to 9 pounds after reading feedback (from the ones that bothered replying) that buyers had been asked for more money after the sale, the returned emails had prices ranging from $30 to
  6. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    I had similar problems with de-branding my Orange Desire with the exception of the SIM unlock code which I got hold of in minutes rather than days. Firstly I created a Gold Card and installed 1.15.405.3. That was fine and when I went into the update screen I got offered (iirc) another 1.15 version which installed fine, and I was then offered 2.2 which I of course grabbed. That was the start of a couple of stressful (but ultimately enlightening) hours because after the 2.2 install was complete the phone couldn't find WiFi, SIM card, SD card, GPS nowt at all, and the kept re-starting every 3 - 5 minutes too. I did notice that in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Running > Android System was showing 0.00B, and after open that up and it showed version 2.2 but not a byte of data. After a while I decided to try and reinstall the first 1.15 even though my pc was "claiming" not to be able to find the phone. After 4 attempts (each with increasing progress before failing) I managed to successfully install RUU_Bravo_HTC_Europe_1.15.405.3_Radio_32.30.00.28U _4.05.00.11_release_121865 over the hollow 2.2. Everything now worked again at least which was a great relief. Nevertheless I did a manual check for updates and got another download (maybe that later 1.15?). After this was set up I checked again and this time got offered 1.21 which didn't come up first time around. With that installed the phone re-booted but this time the sim card was locked. I bought an unlock code from here (cost about
  7. GSMGuy

    GSMGuy Member

    As long as you have NO sim in the phone, it won't become sim locked and WILL update to 2.2 OTA - I have done this on all 3 of my Orange Desires now..


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