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Debranding T-mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PazPez, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. PazPez

    PazPez Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I've just got my Desire and I'm very new to smartphones, Android etc.!
    I love the phone, but have a couple of issues that I hope someone could help with:

    1. The max volume from my headphone is pretty low when playing music. Searching online suggests this is a problem on T-mobile Desires. I really want to use the phone as a music player, so would debranding it solve this problem? (Debranding isn't the same as rooting, right?)

    2. The Froyo update hasn't been released on TM yet. If I debranded my phone would I be able to install this? (If TM do realease this update soon, is it likely to sort out the volume issue?)

    3. I understand that this would invalidate my warranty. Are you able to revert back to the original T-Mobile state if needed?

    I've spent ages reading various forum posts and I think I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the info, so I'd really appreciate some help!

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    It could be t Mobile causing the issue but there is a physical issue too. Some headphones don't fit well in the recessed socket causing bad connection. If you are getting this with the supplied headphones its the former. If so, yes debrand will help.

    Debranding puts generic version of HTC android. This us not rooting.

    T-mo will probably not help with your phone if debranded but it is still official so HTC may directly accept It.

    When you debrand, you are wiping it and installing the latest generic release

    There is a t mobile version you can put back on though I'm not sure if you will need to use a downgrade utility for that
  3. yousurf

    yousurf Newbie

    1: Never had an issue with the volume so i dont know, as danfrance said it could be a contact issue.

    2: I debranded my tmobile 2.1 desire with htc's froyo stock with this Shipped ROMs

    discussed here. http://androidforums.com/htc-desire/148932-froyo-ruu-update-available.html

    The RUU can change the H-Boot version to 0.93 (i think its after what they are calling the ota 2.2.1 update) which you will have to downgrade to 0.83 to rebrand with the official tmobile eclair RUU. (i did this before sending in for warranty repair)

    You will need to rood the debranded froyo first with unrevoked

    Downgrade instructions here
    [HOWTO] Downgrade Froyo (2.2) to Stock 2.1 (ANY HBOOT | WIN/LINUX/MAC | ROOT) - xda-developers

    after downgrade you may use the official t-mobile RUU found here
    Shipped ROMs

    Hope this helps

    Edit: Oh and one more thing, HTC knows if your phone is branded or not so i think it will invalidate your warranty if you send a debranded phone in to HTC for warranty repair.

    The fact that debranded phones do not need a gold card when RUU's are used is another tell tale sign of "unauthorised tampering".

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