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Debranding the HD?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ynwa, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Can the DHD be debranded yet. Mine will be on its way to me when T-Mobile UK get stock in, and its the first thing i want to do.

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  2. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, they aren't branded - but that might just be the ones from 3...?
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  3. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    There are a few 'is it branded' threads already. Take a gander. Mine is on VF and isn't branded BUT I got it via the Car Phone Warehouse and they state the ones they supply are unbranded and unlocked. As I was told the ones from P4U are too.

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  4. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Mine's from 3, on contract, unbranded, no simlock. I can put my other (work) 02 sim in and it works just fine.
  5. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    First thing to check when you get it is check the software version - if it's on x.xx.405.x then you're unbranded, anything else and you are.

    As to whether you can use the stock RUU with a gold card as you would other phones is another question
  6. atharh

    atharh Newbie

    I got mine from Orange UK and it's not branded either....after an OTA update I am now on 1.32.405.6
  7. saltedslug

    saltedslug Lurker

    Ditto. I got mine direct from an Orange store and it's unbranded.

    There's no way of 'branding' the phone OTA afterwards is there?
  8. Styxx

    Styxx Member

    Mine appears to be unbranded. Got it through P4U on Orange with a brand new contract (as opposed to upgrade, thus I got a new SIM) and there was nothing I could see relating to Orange. It kept coming up with a warning message that said:

    After a couple of days of pressing "Not right now" (it does have a "No" button also but I was unsure exactly what "input settings" meant) I gave in and pressed yes. It moved everything around on my home panels (I'm new to smartphones so I hadn't really done a lot yet; it was pretty easy to get it back how I wanted it) and added an app called "Orange +" which seems to contain a bunch of Orange numbers (Customer services, voicemail, etc) and various news-feed type things under the broad headings of "Sport", "Lifestyle" and "Finances". As far as I can tell it will send you texts for any subject within you choose, i.e. if you turn on football I imagine it'd send you results and relevant news for football. It's pretty non-intrusive though, to avoid it all you have to do is not use it. Simples :)
  9. grimbola

    grimbola Guest

    Hi guys, I've not got my Desire HD yet, but I'm going to be getting it direct from Vodafone UK - over the phone haggle upgrade.

    Does anyone know if it's likely to come branded? It's such a small thing, but I hate seing the voda logos and menus all over the shop.

    If it does, am I likely to be able to use a goldcard to put a stock ROM on it?

    I understand that when looking for the stock ROM I should look for the Ace, as this was the phone's code name?

    any help appreciated.
  10. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

  11. K33VRN DHD

    K33VRN DHD Newbie

    it seems most are being branded now! orange, T-mobile and vodafone all brand there HTC's, there not ''locked'' the the network, just branded, meaning there logo on the handset (just desires not HD) and there logo upon start up, some of there apps and limitations, also you can only update once they allow the update.

    i have a desire HD, purchased 2 days ago from voda, its branded but i have my orage sim in there, Carphone and P4U all have unlocked un branded handsets...mainly because they distribute for so many networks it would be silly to have branded handsets. only the iphone is gay enough to do so lol.

    im getting my geek squad agent to hopefully de-brand my HD as he done with his orange desire. took him about an hour i think.

    strange thing is, i done a factory reset on the handset as after a day it seemed abit ''buggy'' and slow. i have now lost a few things like skins for homepage and have new ones which is wierd...but at least its not buggy anymore.
  12. xvlvx

    xvlvx Lurker


    i got my orange today with the orange logo and the freaking orange apps installed! i cant remove them! how do i debrand my phone to have original HTC software and no orange crap! please please help, im a noob here,
  13. K33VRN DHD

    K33VRN DHD Newbie

    so far no good my friend! but at least its not locked...
  14. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    Get the unbranded RUU from XDA and flash it using a gold card - here are the files you need:

    http://rapidshare.com/files/4196231...dio_12.21.60.12_26.02.00.09_M_test_148662.exe - Original test RUU

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! - 1.32.405.6 WWE (Latest unbranded RUU)

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! - Orange UK (keep for warranty purposes)

    I'll leave it with you to create your gold card as there are plenty of guides on how to do this online

    First thing I'd do is make a gold card, put it in the phone and just try the 1.32.405.6 RUU - it may just work and debrand as any other handset would. If not, follow the guide below

    1. Create your gold card and put it in the phone
    2. Start the 1.32.405.6 RUU and when it gets to the first screen move the window to the bottom of your screen as otherwise it'll always be on top of anything else you do
    3. Click Start>Run and type


    4. Go to the newest folder created and in there should be a ZIP file called 'Rom' - copy this to your desktop
    5. Close the RUU and fire up the 1.15 Test RUU
    6. Once at the first screen, move it down as before and browse back to the Temp folder
    7. Go to the newest folder created and copy the ZIP file from the latest RUU into the folder, replacing the original one from 1.15
    8. Go back to the RUU updater and continue through it

    It should update your phone to 1.32.405.6 and you'll be debranded!! This is compiled from info on XDA and I've not tried it but it should work
  15. A5J4DX

    A5J4DX Newbie

    just got my HDH today and i got it from vodafone and..its branded :(
  16. xvlvx

    xvlvx Lurker

    REPLACED IT!! got an unbranded from phones4u :)
  17. jonnye

    jonnye Lurker

    got mine from 3 locked and branded :-(
  18. stezo2k

    stezo2k Lurker

    Many thanks Eddy for the guide, sadly it doesn't work though. It gets an error 140 because the software on the phone is too new to be flashed (even with the goldcard) you have to downgrade to debrand

    I used this guide and it worked fantastically, it downgraded my phone and installed vanilla HTC software. Works great :cool:

  19. Jonboy582

    Jonboy582 Newbie

    When I get to the final stage of loading the software I get the following error:-


    What does this mean? What am I doing wrong?

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