Root Debugging Required with Titanium Backup/Other Root Apps??


Android Expert

I rooted my phone probably a month or so ago and recall setting my USB Debugging ON during one step or another either in the rooting process or for one of the root apps to work correctly. I recently noticed plugging in my phone that debugging is currently ON.

I was trying to remember WHY I turned it on and whether it STILL NEEDED to be now for any one of various of my root or other apps to work?? I noticed in Titanium Backup's very last preferences a mention of debugging:

Warn if no USB debug - For recent SU versions that don't need USB debugging, you can disable the warning here.

I currently have that box CHECKED for a warning to occur...for whatever reason.

So, my QUESTION: do I STILL need USB debugging on for either Titanium or any other root/other app to function correctly??



Android Expert
Well, it was required for certain root methods (unrevoked for example), and you might need it for certain apps that sync with your computer (maybe, but unlikely; follow any documentation that tells you to). You, of course, need it to use adb (the purpose, pretty much). Basically, this option will give you a warning if USB debugging is turned off because the Superuser app used to require it (not sure why). I don't believe it does anymore, so unless you use adb, you probably don't need to leave it enabled. That being said, there's really no harm in leaving it enabled. Anyway, here is my reference. Look at #19. Of course, if you disable it, uncheck the option in tb, otherwise, you'll keep getting alerted.