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December 7th Event, questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Komodo Rogue, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Komodo Rogue

    Komodo Rogue Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 5, 2010
    If you have not already heard, Google is hosting an event on December 7.

    Engadget article: Google-branded Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th

    Chrome OS will probably be the main attraction, but I think it's plausible that they will also formally reveal Gingerbread, because CEO Eric Schmidt said that it would be released in a few weeks in mid November.

    SO, if that turns out to be true too, then I think they just might announce the Nexus S, or whatever they plan on calling it. I dunno if it would be an announcement, followed by "it will be released next year" or "they will be available starting tomorrow (or this week)" Let's assume (and hope and pray and beg!) that he says the later.

    OK so I have clearly made quite a few assumptions so far, some more likely than others, but the point is that the next Google developer phone could possibly be for sale in a VERY short period of time, and I have some questions and want to be prepared. :)

    I'm not really a cell-tech noob; I understand the difference between GSM (at&t, t-mobile, rogers, etc) and CDMA (verizon, sprint, etc), but there's a few things I want to clear up. I have a 2 year account with at&t right now. A year ago I bought a blackberry (hey don't hate... at&t had terrible android offerings at that point!) and then bought a captivate from craigslist, swapped my sim card into the captivate, and was good to go (well, network-wise anyway... it took a while rooting, wiping, ROM flashing, etc before I took off all of the at&t garbage and got a nice, clean version of Froyo running!).

    Anyway, I was thinking that if the Nexus S has a GSM model, it should be just as simple, right? HOWEVER, what if the phone is for sale from T-Mobile? I know that I can (probably, anyway) buy a Nexus S from T-Mo for full-price, unsubsidized, but will it be carrier locked? If so, will they unlock it for me?

    I'm hoping that it will be available for all carriers (we NEED more of that in the USA, people should be allowed to choose their cell phone FIRST, and THEN choose a carrier, like the rest of the world!), but I want to be prepared if it's initially a T-mobile exclusive. Also, if it's for sale from best buy like some rumors have said, will they sell it full price and unlocked?

    Thanks for any help :)


  2. Drhyde

    Drhyde Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    Kitchen prep...in hell...
    Kokomo, Indiana
    My understanding of my N1 was that it was unlocked from the beginning. However, you won't be able to use 3G if you try to use a T-Mobile version due to the fact that they have different frequencies than AT&T. If you're a big user of WI-FI like I was for the first few months of using mine, then you should be OK.

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