Default App Manager [Productivity]


Hi Guys,

Default App Manager is a very useful application that helps you manage your defaults for different types of actions that Android does.Unlike other application which allow you to manage defaults for only one-two types, DAM allows to you to manage for almost all the common actions.

This application removes all the hassles and pain of remembering which Music Player is your default one or which app should you use to send messages by default. It can be very painful for active users who use a wide range of applications and keep changing them from the default Android settings.

The main features of Default App Manager include:

-- Gives you a list of different categories and the current default for each one.
-- Offers a wide range of categories like Audio, Audio Streaming, Browser,Camera, Email, Home Launcher, Messaging, Opening PDF files, Phone Dialer, Video and Video Streaming.
-- Tells you which applications can be used for a particular type of category.
-- Clear defaults of a particular category without having to remember which one was set default earlier or without having to travel a long way into the Android default settings page.
-- Reduces at-least 4 user clicks and helps you set the default from within the app itself.
-- Set default for any category right from the application.