Help default mail works interm

Ive had the Dinc2 for a couple of months now and at 1st the default mail worked fine,which is a yahoo account but then after a few weeks I stop recieving emails which went on for a week or 2 and then for some reeason started working all on its own. then a week later no more emails again. So i tried d/ling yahoo mail app and it says that network unavailable, so i tried sending an email throu default mail and said same thing? Can someone please help me figure this out and thanks in advance.


I have the same problem,

Since I purchased my DINC2 in late May, Sync in the native mail did not happen. while the Y!mail app did, the functionality of custom tones and signatures is absent. Then I got the Gingerbread update and another Verizon small packet and then all is fine until 4 days ago.

I have reset my phone two times and set up yahoo each time through the native mail app but nothing. I called verizon but was told that Yahoo! and Hotmail are often problems as the email carriers don't like the external devices operating without the premium services (paying for the POP services). I believe their is a work around and am now searching the forums for it.