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General Default Ringtone Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rav34, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. rav34

    rav34 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 8, 2012
    OK, a little background first. I am a new owner of a Razr M. I am not very good at using a smart phone as this is my first one. I purchased an app titled "Easy Ringtone Maker". I emailed/texted from my computer a bunch of mp3s of different songs I wanted to use as ringtones. When the text was received by my phone, I opened the files and saved them on my phone. I then used the app Easy Ringtone Maker and assigned various songs to different people in my contact list. It all worked fine and rather easy to do. But.... here's the issue I can't figure out. I want to set a particular son to be my "default" ringtone for when I get a call from someone that I did not assign a ringtone to. I tried setting this song directly thru the app (Easy Ringtone Maker), I also tried going to "tools, sounds,settings", and setting my phone ringtone thru that. No matter what I do, the ringtone won't work and keeps ringing with a generic sound that came with the phone. Anyone have any advice for a newbie? BTW, I do not have or use an SD card if that matters. Thanks.


  2. Steel36

    Steel36 Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeast Georgia
    Generally, you'll want to create a folder called ringtones on your sdcard and pull from there. however, i've encountered several audio-setup issues on this phone and i don't know if it is because it's motorola or ice cream, which are new to me.
  3. spacejunkiehsv


    Oct 5, 2010
    Aerospace Engineer
    Huntsville, Alabama
    I use the app called Ringdroid. There may be twenty or more apps like it though. Ringdroid allows you to take any portion of any song you have on your phone and save that portion as a ringtone. I don't think there is a limit for how long the ringtone can be.

    On these phones there is a default ringtone that you choose. You can also go into your contacts list and set a particular ringtone for that contact.

    P.S. If you have very many audio files (mp3, etc.), you'll want to get yourself a microSD card. I think there was around 5 Gb of free storage space on the phone. The phone comes with 8 Gb of memory, but a lot of that is taken up by software, and you'll need to keep some of that space available for new apps. This phone will not allow you to install apps on a microSD card, not without rooting it and going all "super-user" on it. I got a fairly zippy 32Gb class 10 microSDHC card for $28 or so on Amazon. I think the 16 Gb equivalent was about $18.

    Since this is your first smartphone, I'll go ahead and recommend that you don't pay for apps unless you try the free version first. I only bought one app, a standalone GPS app for $2.99 about two years ago.
  4. lucy1995

    lucy1995 New Member

    Jan 30, 2013
    Thanks to the expertise on this thread, I was able to get my custom ringtone on my Droid Razr M in record time! Wish I had this forum in my sights days ago! Downloading the song to my Amazon M3P on my phone, then downloading the Ringdroid app, I was able to set it as my ringtone without much effort at all! Hugs to all!

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