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Defective Evo?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by diplomat1, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. diplomat1

    diplomat1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Today i was charging my phone from almost dead (like 10% remaining) and i plugged it into the wall charger. I went to make a phone call on while on charger and after the phone call i let it sit. At that point it was about 95-96% charged but i ran to the other room quickly and come back to find my phone it rebooting. That is the first time i seen it happen but im not always there while the phone is charging other times so this could of happened before. Is this a problem? What do you guys suggest? Thanks

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  2. rcancill

    rcancill Lurker

    Beware of the HTC EVO 4G. This may have introduced a lot of firsts, but it is probably a defectively designed phone. First of all, I had to buy an extended life battery to get over 4 hours of battery life. I now can go about 16 hours on a charge.

    The worst feature is its basic radio reception. Yes, I said radio reception. Remember a cell phone is still a two way radio. The HTC EVO 4G gets horrible reception compared to the iPhone or Motorola android phones in exactly the same location with the same carrier (Sprint in my case). Where I cannot get 3G or 4G coverage and get 1 to 3 bars my friends with other phones get 5 bars 3G or 4G. the iPhone which does not use 4G gets much better overall speed and performance than my EVO 4G.

    Many of my Apps pop-up a message telling me to use WiFi including my two Nav programs! Go figure!

    The darn thing freezes and requires rebooting on a regular basis. It is total junk and not a very good paper weight!

    Sprint ran all sorts of diagnostics and found "nothing wrong". They told me to try using my 1 year warranty and call HTC customer support.

    HTC told me to send them the phone and they would test it. They said I could expect to get my phone back within 2 to 3 WEEKS!

    Great customer support. You send them your phone and are without a phone for 2 to 3 weeks!

    Get anything but an HTC! The company is one of the least ethic rip off artists in the industry and the phone is pure junk.
  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    I personally love my EVO. Battery life is amazing (it sat off the charger overnight last night and only lost 5% battery in 10 hours) and I have no qualms about its radio reception.

    You said it yourself, this is a phone. If you play angry birds on it for 4 hours thats all the battery is going to last. If you use it primarily for calling/texting and the occasional web browsing and music playing it will last all day.

    Random tips as I think of them:
    -Turn off 4G, GPS, WIFI, ect when not in use.
    -Use WIFI whenever possible, doing so saves a lot of battery life.
    -Dont use automatic brightness, turn it own to ~10%
    -Check your accounts & sync settings, theres no reason facebook, twitter, news, and weather need to be constantly syncing. Change the email to check every 15 mins instead of pushing.
    -Sign out of google talk when not using the program (it signs you in automatically)
    -Root the phone :D

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