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Otterbox Defender
So far so good.

EDIT: So after my first evening with the case I thought I'd post my initial impressions. The case is a dust/lent magnet but this is no different than other silicone cases I've seen. I've had some issues with the screen protector sticking to my phantom skinz protector but it's quickly fixed by pressing on both sides of the case. It's nothing like I used to see on my 3gs Defender.
The screen protector does affect viewing quality of the screen, but it's not bad and you get used to it. The screen still looks better compared to the EVO's washed out screen.
The belt clip works well. My 3gs only fell because of the poor belt clip design, but this one seems more secure. Speaking of which, no drop test yet :)

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Thanks I was about to correct it.

No problem. Great video BTW. Answered a lot of my questions about the case. I like how the belt clip doubles as a stand. But I still have one question. The camera has a cover like the screen does right? Oh, and where did you order your case? I saw Fed-Ex on the envelope it came in so I'm assuming you ordered it straight form Otterbox. Just curious cause that was some real fast shipping.


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I got it from Otterbox and yes the camera and flash are covered. I figured that 12 for overnight was better than breaking my phone while waiting.


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Here are some additional up close images. I'm showing the cover for the lens / flash as well as the inside of the front cover. You can see the hole for the optical trackball and the dark cloth that covers the speaker.
I also have a couple more things to note.
1. Without my Phantom Skinz applied (I had front only) the phone feels loose inside the case. Not sure if this is by design.
2. Again, without the Phantom Skinz, I eliminated the sticky screen issue but now it feels like a resistive touch screen of sorts. You can feel the protector depress onto the glass.
3. Lint/Dust magnet!
4. It feels great in the hand and the belt clip is much better than the 3gs and older style defender clips. I haven't had one accidental drop. When I used my 3gs it would always fall out.
5. I compared it to a friends 3gs defender and a Seidio Rugged case and it's actually bulkier than both! It was surprising, but not much bulkier.