Definitive battery issues troubleshooting steps?

I read through this thread about using "Spare Parts" to troubleshoot rogue apps that might be eating up your battery but I'm still having battery issues.

I'm consistently burning through 80% of my battery in less than 8 hours.

Is there a definitive how-to guide on figuring out exactly what's eating up my battery? I'm hearing about people getting days out of their Droid.

I don't think I'm using it excessively but seem to be getting poor battery performance.


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I dont know if you tried this, but it gave me a much more extended battery. First give the Droid a full Charge, then let it die completly. When i mean completely I mean the phone shuts down. Then let it charge to 100%. I gained about 10 or more hours after doing this. Give it a shot.


I just had my phone replaced for an echo issue (it didn't fix it) and when i got it, I had alot of app downloading and contact adjusting. by the time i was done i had about 10% battery left. I plugged it in for the night. yesterday i used only 30% of my batt for the whole day. interesting