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Deflektor Remake Updates.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jompe71, May 19, 2010.

  1. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Newbie
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    ( To those who tried it out and know what it is... )

    I haven't been around the Android platform for a while, but I'm scheduling for an update of "Deflektor Remake".
    Updates will mostly be about what bad user reviews, i.e:

    "User" updates:
    + Rotate mirrors left/right and better touch control.
    + Fullscreen for phones with > 320x240, i.e. ALL phones. :)
    + Gfx fixes for phones with larger screens.
    + 2 - 3 new old school tunes to choose from besides the one existing.
    - NO, game will NOT be easier. Looking for a game to complete right away, look elsewhere.

    "My" updates:
    + Webpage where users can post their own levels through some kind of "tool". (The best levels will be released as "add-ons" to the game.)

    Next scheduled game after this update is a new version of "Bit Spy".
    ( Old version @ http://www.bostream.nu/jompe/ [ Middle Tab ] )

    // Jompe71

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