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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rbheromax, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Simple post for now...until i can make it fancy :p

    Overclocks your device to 1.9GHz dual core

    * CPU OC
    * CPU Govs
    * Block I/O Scheds
    * Exfat/F2FS
    * GPU OC (not gonna add until fixed)

    Thanks to:
    cooldudezach for testing and helping out on kernel like a good dev does :)
    xInterlopeRx for being the best mentor ever
    PlayfulGod for being there for me
    tvillerealest for being the bestest best friend i could ever ask for

    video TUT on how to root, flash recovery, and install this kernel:


    Download link:

    flash in recovery

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  2. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  3. JoshuaAwe

    JoshuaAwe Newbie

    Is battery life awful if you clock both cores to 1.7Ghz?
  4. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    No idea yet. I've been running it with it set to 1.2-1.7/ondemand for 6 hours. (I guess it was plugged in, looking at the battery stats now.) Played a game for a bit, but mostly it's been sitting idle the rest of the time. It's at 82% after 3h 12m on battery.
  5. JoshuaAwe

    JoshuaAwe Newbie

    that's not too bad
  6. colossus3874

    colossus3874 Well-Known Member

    Do I have to have a custom recovery? Tried flashing from Android recovery and the installation aborts
  7. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    As far as I'm aware, yes. You could always flash the stock recovery back if you really wanted to.
  8. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I added in 4 cpu governors (asswax badass smartassv2 wheatley) and I'm currently working on I/O schedulers as they dont like the kernel? idk but its coming along.
    New release soon :)
  9. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    Also got it clocked to 1.998 GHz (which is the MAX my phone can support. Any higher and I ran into glitches/shutdowns or it simply wouldn't boot. As a result, the kernel won't be clocked higher. ;)).
  10. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It's good we found our max. I think with the next release I will take about a week break and tweak the code and try and get it running FASTER and actually pulling off this F2FS thing.
  11. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    I need to take about a week break to focus on school. I'll look into getting F2FS supported by CWM, or something. :)
  12. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    thats what my week break is for XD lol
  13. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    If you take a look at the guide I just posted, as of now (on my device at least, you do not need to install a custom recovery. You will still have to boot into the custom recovery, just not install it. From there, you can install the kernel.
  14. ayi

    ayi Member

    Install the kernel multiple times on temporary CWM, and no OC.

    Use 5 different oc program (trickster, antutu, cpu, etc)

    :'( help!
  15. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    this means cooldudezach gave me the wrong img back. i will compile a new one with ALL the new changes
  16. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

    Not necessarily. I flashed the same image in CWM while writing the guide, and it worked fine. However, all the changes would make for a better kernel image anyway. ;)
  17. rbheromax

    rbheromax Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    okay here is the new image:

    OC to 1.7 GHz
    GPU OC to 450 MHz
    Voltage control
    Govs: asswax badass smartassv2
    Sched: sio vr
    Filesys: exfat f2fs

    This kernel is faux app compatible :) (to control clock speeds, voltages, scheds/govs)
  18. ayi

    ayi Member

    Try again no luck :'(! see my other post on guide
  19. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert

    its awesome you guys got a kernel going already, any chance youll wanna port it over to the zte source and zte warp 4g? same kernel source just different defconfigs so all you really gotta do is switch up the configs and the ramdisk crap which i can get for you easily. id do it all myself but its a rather painful process considering my internet situation and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to compile
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  20. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert

  21. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Android Enthusiast

  22. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert

  23. dragonhart6505

    dragonhart6505 Android Expert

    hey love to see the ZTE Awe getting some much deserved attention! cant seem to use the sideload command. just brings up a bunch of commands and sideload isnt available. also, the link for your second revision of the kernel appears to be down. have you got the kernel successfully working yet or is it not coming up? thx!
  24. zeruth

    zeruth Newbie

    Yeah this kernel does NOT over clock/activate 2nd core presently. Really digging the fact that some development is going on for my new device. I would help port cm over but I'm not familiar with porting to new devices. Thanks for the work, can't wait to get the final product!

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