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Defy with Froyo and broken geotags

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gregorius, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Gregorius

    Gregorius Lurker
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    Defy is a great phone, but after updating to Froyo GPS position in JPGs is gone... but it is not. Instead, geotags are broken. In fact, GPSLatitudeRef is invalid. For the North hemisphere it shows 'W', but should be 'N'.

    So, I don't want to make any ROM-modifications in my phone, so I wrote a small application (for PC). It scans JPG files looking for the broken tag and fixes all invalid GPSLatitudeRef.

    As for now, it seems that it works. It replaces only one byte in a JPG file, so the GPS position is again visible (e.g. in Picasa). So, before I make this app public, I want to make some more tests. Especially, I'm looking for broken photos made on the south hemishpere!

    Moreover, I think that I'll make a program like this for Android, so the photos may be corrected instantly in the phone. Good idea?
    Anyone interested?


  2. sailor1111

    sailor1111 Lurker

    I have the same problem. Already asked Motorola about it but got no reply.

    You can batch change these mistakes with exiftool program for windows.

    Extract exiftool to Windows/system32

    run cmd

    from the command line go to folder where your photos are

    exiftool -exif:gpslatituderef=N *.jpg
  3. sailor1111

    sailor1111 Lurker

    This will change it for all the photos you have. Be careful to put only the ones you want to change into this folder

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