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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bonerp, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Last week I received an email from Samsung saying a pre-order through them would result in delivery in the UK by 11th Oct. Just received an email saying that to ensure the device is received in perfect order, quality checking now means delivery is delayed until 17th Oct - White and black models only....gold is still early.

    I guess they're responding to the "card down the side of the phone/gap" issues!

    They have stated as a pre-order gift I'll be receiving the Gear Fit too....didn't actually say that when I placed the order! It did state 'special offer' but the link didn't work!

    Oh well - I'd rather a delay and a perfect product. Maybe they've had issues in SKorea

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  2. UnimatrixZero

    UnimatrixZero Newbie

    When did you preorder... I wasn't going to but with a free gear fit tossed in it might persuade me, what colour did you go for? (I'm in UK and with three)
  3. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Friday I think it was. White of course
  4. ckay76

    ckay76 Lurker

    I've just ordered a white one from carphone warehouse and expected delivery is 17/10
  5. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Samsung really are not doing a good PR job here!

    I ordered from them and the expected delivery date was 10th Oct (UK)

    Then received an email saying extra Quality checks has moved back to around 17th...suspect this was due to #gapgate.

    Now theyve issued a worldwide map and it suggests 10th again! Muppets. I suspect they think #gapgate is over due to their announcement that a gap is ok/normal.

    Since announcement of the N4 the whole campaign has been a cock up. Samsung really need to get their #*1t in order!!!
  6. ckay76

    ckay76 Lurker

    Where did you see the world wide map? Can't find it on the site.
    Could you post a link please
  7. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  8. madmurd

    madmurd Newbie

    I also ordered from CPW on a sim free basis
  9. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    I wouldn't get too worked up about the pre-order issues. At this point in the production, a delay of a few days is not a "gapgate issue" if there is such a thing. That would require a complete halt of rollout to address, in all likelihood.

    A delay of a few days is more likely explained by logistical issues (shipping, etc).
  10. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    another delay - so Samsung confirmed that UK would be the 10th - after issuing their map last week, but day before delivery its been put back to 17th again.

    Can't see Apple doing this....

    Samsung really need to learn a lesson and improve their customer service. Its a shame as generally their devices are good, but their customer support, service and updates is generally shite - this release adds to that. I've had issues with a tablet, previous note phones, a TV and my fridge freezer....thing is they do make good looking devices!

    Thing thats surprised me about the note 4 release is Apple trumped them with the ip6/plus and thats sure to have hurt N4 sales being released before, and now the Ipad and Mac event is on 16th...day before UK and other countries N4 release - the focus all on Apple....no wonder Samsung profits are suffering. Bet the Apple execs are laughing all the way to the bank!

    I suspect this most likely has something to do with Apple and its suppliers under contract having a period of promotion whereby others phone mnaufacturers cannot launch in first 4 weeks of the 6 release...
  11. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Well-Known Member

    One advantage of being first to market is that Apple have, in all likelihood, clogged the available transport methods from the Far East with millions of 6 and 6 plus handsets.

    Apple also have the advantage of being able to effectively concentrate on one phone release per year working with their own design specs and one operating system whereas Samsung release numerous devices.

    Galaxy Note 4 sales may have been hit but it's difficult to say how hard. In my experience, there are 2 types of smartphone customers:

    1. Those who want nothing but an iPhone.
    2. Those who want anything but an iPhone.

    Oh well, another week to wait. My Note 3 will serve me well in the meantime and I generally tend to take release dates with a large pinch of salt anyway.
  12. chong67

    chong67 Android Expert

    No delay here. T-mobile users here will get their phone on Monday.

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