Root Delecting a preset Scene

Hello and thank you for all the post here. I have been reading this forum for a awhile. But only just joined as I learn more from reading.

I rooted a couple of weeks back (read the sticky, thank you it is great info).

Anyway, I am hoping to delete most of the factory preset Scenes. I would like to keep just one and the blank one too.

Any one know how? I tried searching with root explorer based on some of the theme names but that did not work turn up any thing that loos like it could be it.



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Thanks Wake69

It is not so much the space they take up memory wise but rather wanting to just wanting to clean up some clutter, as I don't really use them. Also, if and when we get the latest Sense UI ugrade, users select sences by fliping though visuals of the homescreen, kinda like album art. I that case, I think having there would be a larger pain in the but.

I have searched the web, and while lots of people seem to want to delete these the answer seem to it can't be done, but these are not rooted phones either.