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Delete Alert messages from your phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vgt, Sep 2, 2018.

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    I use the Coolpad 3300A, running Android 4.4.4.

    I have collected, since Day One, every weather warning and every AMBER Alert ever issued to my phone with no apparent way to delete them, until I discovered how!

    I do not want to disable the Alert system. Just get rid of expired messages.

    This phone came with the Messaging app (green, square, smiling-face icon that displays a number in a small red ball if one or more messages are present). I had since disabled it and replaced it with Android Messages, a.k.a. Google Messages.

    However, the alerts arrive and are displayed on the Messaging app if I choose to view them .

    After being told the alerts may be baked-in, but don't take up much space, I discovered this:

    Select the Alert massage to br deleted with a long-held tap in Messaging. A box will pop up, offering to delete. Tap "Delete" then tap again to confirm on the next pop-up. This Alert is gone. Repeat this step for every Alert you want to be rid of.

    This procedure is similar to Android Messages' deleting an individual text from a conversation thread. The long-held tap highlights the text message and a trash can comes up. Tap that and it's gone..

    My first effort to remove old alert messages was to disable (again) the Messaging app and delete its data in Settings > Apps. That left still a screenful of the most recent alerts.

    If you want to clear your phone of outdated Alerts, but NOT disable the alert system, this tip may be for you!

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