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Delete "suggested person" when sharing

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jackmurphystadiu, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. jackmurphystadiu

    Thread Starter

    Galaxy Note 9. When I share a Google news story I am presented with "suggested persons." I want to delete one of these suggestions but they cannot be found under "contacts" or "other contacts."

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Try long pressing the icon for this person.
    It nay give a pop up with the option that you desire.

    I have similar issues when sharing.
    I do not have a Samsung device, but I found that even the share options that I did not want could be forced to the bottom of the list if I pinned the options that I am most likely to use.
    So by using this pinning option on the share selections that I want I no longer see the ones that I do not want.

    This is a partial solution.

    Another option is to go into the settings of the app that the contact is being drawn from (small icon next to the name).
    Often there is an option to turn this 'share with' feature off totally or to personalize it.
  3. jackmurphystadiu

    Thread Starter

    It would help if you used an android device and attempt to share a Google news story. If you do not see "suggested people" on the first line ( second line are the usual suspects.. i.e. share to Facebook, share to outlook, etc ) then you would have a hard time understanding my dilemma. A long or short push on the contact simply pops up their email address to share. I do not know where the contact is sourced from ( app ). I am guessing the Google cloud perhaps. Cannot find contact on my phone.
  4. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    First, I do use Android devices, just not Samsung ones.

    Second, I do not source news from Google.

    Third, if it is E-Mail contacts that are coming up, then it is your e-mail app that is providing the pop-ups.
    Look inside that app for share options inside of the settings.


    Let's say that you want to share any given article onto your Facebook account.

    In your browser, there should be a share option.
    In the browser, bot the news article itself.
    Select this, and look for the option 'Copy To Clipboard'.
    Select that, and then open your Facebook app (or a wrapper app, as I do) and then long press the area where you would post something.
    The 'Paste' option should appear- select it.
    Your news article should now appear, and you can post it.

    Maybe this is a few more steps than just using the links provided with the news stories, but as you can see, those links are often problematic.

    I had so much trouble with those type links that I refuse to even acknowlege that they exist unless someone else has problems with them too and needs tofind a way around them.

    There are a few browsers that are very secure and very fast, that are so much better than what is stock on Android.
    If you have trouble finding the 'share' feature in your browser, I would suggest Lightning, FOSS Browser, or Smart Cookie (all are on F-Droid) as excellent third party browsers that fast, simple, and secure.

    They all rely upon an app called Android System Webview, which is a built in app on Android devices.
  5. jackmurphystadiu

    Thread Starter

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    #1. I am not looking for a workaround, I am looking to delete a "suggested person."
    #2. The contact cannot be found in Outlook or Gmail.
    #3. After searching the Internet, no solution yet.

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