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Deleted Camera.apk and am unable to restore it

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AusGalaxyS, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. AusGalaxyS

    AusGalaxyS Lurker
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    I have rooted my phone. I used Titanium Backup to backup my camera app before moving it to my computer because i wanted to tinker with it.

    When i moved the .apk back to my phone, it wouldnt install. I wasnt too concerned as i figured id just broken it and would be able to either a)reinstall from the original .apk or restore the backup from titanium.

    I have restarted by phone several times in an attempt to help as well.

    When i try to reinstall from the original camera.apk, it gives me the list of permissions and then prompts me to press install. It works away for about 5secs and then says "Application not Installed" with the onle option to press 'done'.

    I thouight this was strange, but anyhow went to Titanium and clicked to restore camera from the backup. Titanium works away, says it is restoring, but just hangs on that screen.......i gave it 30odd minutes but it just said restoring.....i figure it shouldnt take that long?

    So my phone currently doesnt have a camera, does anyone know how i exactly to restore it properly. Im obviously missing something! :(

    Thanks a bunch

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  2. AusGalaxyS

    AusGalaxyS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    eeeep 50+ replies and no one to help
  3. Diabo

    Diabo Member

    Did you check if Titanium really backed up your camera.apk and not just the settings? Check your Titanium backup folder to see if the apk is really there.

    On my Moto Defy (Froyo) Titanium never manages to backup the camera.apk. It only stores the settings.

    If the camera app is not in your backup, download a ROM for your phone model/Android version and copy the camera.apk from it.

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