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Support Deleted emails keep coming back

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 44fred, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. 44fred

    44fred Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 21, 2013
    Since I'm an old guy with very little computer skills (I can't even post a picture apparently) I need some help.
    The last couple weeks have been frustrating due to deleted emails not staying deleted. Now if I delete from my PC or Ipad, they stay gone. If I delete from my N3, they come back within a few minutes.
    This just started happening recently. Kind of strange since I've used this phone since October w/o issue till now. Maybe an update changed things?
    AT&T store has been no help. They said it was my home wi fi and to restart, I did and still have the problem.
    I use Gmail for two accts. and one acct. with GoDaddy Workspace. All three have the same problem so I'm thinking it's the phone.
    I also read on another forum to go into settings and choose to delete emails from the server but my phone does not have that option.
    Thanks for your help


  2. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Dec 17, 2009
    IT Pro
    Wisconsin - USA
    Oddly enough I did not have this problem until I used the AT&T Ready2Go app which sets up your email accounts in the stock email app. It started doing exactly like you said. So... I went into the stock email app and deleted all of the my mail accounts. I then set them up in the GMAIL and Outlook apps (although I suspect it would also work if you manually set them up in the stock app as I had originally done). Once I did this, problem gone. I suspect that Read2Go app caused the issue but no way to know for sure what happened.
  3. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2012
    Being retired and writing Tasker tasks.
    Fayetteville, NC, USA
    Go to your AT&T store and ask where the nearest AT&T Device Support Center is. Take the phone there (the support center itself is usually at the back of what lookd like a normal AT&T store - just ask where it is and go back there.) Explain what the problem is, and ask if you can demonstrate it to them. If it only takes a few minutes for the deleted emails to reappear, that shouldn't be a problem.

    The people in a regular store are salespeople - they may know a little more about cellphones than you do, but most of them don't know much more. The people at the DSC are a little more technically informed.

    It could be, as clitrenta said, Ready2Go that's causing the problem, but I've set up about a dozen ROMs on my Note 3, using R2G on all of them, and don't have the problem.
  4. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Nov 8, 2009
    That problem happened to me with my first android phone, a Moment. I made a mistake and set up both Gmail and stock email. Once I deleted all my accounts from the stock email, everything was good! Talk about a blast from the past!

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