Help deleting ringtone downloads


I downloaded a ringtone from Ringlet. When i went to listen to it under my settings/sound/ringtone it kept skipping so i want to delete it. I checked the ringtone then hit delete. A screen pops up with VZW Airwaves listed 3 times. I can click on any one of these or all three and delete but not sure if this is how to delete my ringtone? I dont want to delete something other than the selected ringtone. Any help???


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How do you delete downloaded ring tones. When I highlight one to delete i hit delete then i get screen with 3 seperate listings of VZW airwaves with options to delete each one. Nothing to do with the selected ringtone to delete i don't think??? HELP


Try using Astro File Manager? That or plug into PC and delete it

Edit: I merged your 2 threads together. Also you should try out the Zedge app, for me its hands down the best ringtone/notification app