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Deleting select text messages?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by V.Lee, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. V.Lee

    V.Lee Member
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    Old dog, new tricks situation here. I've had the Epic for about 6 months now (first ever smart phone, never did text messages before). I find I'm doing more texting now that I would have thought, or more accurately receiving more that I'd have thought.

    I've been bad about deleting them, and now want to clean them up, but leave a select few. Doing them individually is tedious! I did discover the lock messages function, which I'm assuming locks it from being deleted, but I'm not clear on exactly what to do from there. If I choose the delete all messages function, which messages does it delete? Only the ones on the screen that I'm looking at, ie from a specific person? Or all of them, across all senders? None of the messages are critical, but I'd still rather not do trial and error here.

    I'm using the out of the box message function on the Epic. (Had and deleted Go SMS). I'm not sure if this works the same across all phones or is Epic specific? So if this message needs to be moved, just let me know where to find it.


  2. Patrick1026

    Patrick1026 Lurker

    When you select one person and "delete all," the entire thread from that person only will be deleted. Conversations from all the other people will remain.
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  3. V.Lee

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    Thanks. I finally did something (can't remember now) and got a menu that let me select/deselect messages to be deleted.Thanks for the clarification that the commands are just per conversation.

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