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Deleting videos dont give me my space back...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maraxion, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. maraxion

    maraxion Newbie
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    I have an Cube running Android 4.1.1.
    For a couple of weeks Iv been using the app airdroid to move movies to the tablet and hooking it up to my tv with a HDMI cable since my other mediaplayer is dead.
    This is ok and every time I put a new file in offcource the space is lessened. But the strange part is when I go to the same folder and delete the file, or in the video program and delete the file I still dont get the space back...

    Airdroid show me this 13GB as SD card and in the menues its called "internal SD". So its not an normal SD card. Under settings its labeled the "nand flash" instead of SD card but same space. The strange thing is that you can see that I use a bit over 1gb for apps,pictures and movies and then a huge grayed out field is left(aprox 11Gb). This grey field is called "avalible" but its only 2,67gb. This is the correct size when all the movies are on it, but iv deleted them all! If i move another movie over it wil lessen the space, and even after deleting it it wil stay the same... So im running out of space, but im not using it!

    Any ideas?:thinking:

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  3. maraxion

    maraxion Newbie
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    No one can help?
  4. unununium

    unununium Newbie

  5. maraxion

    maraxion Newbie
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    Hm, I can try to get one but im not sure its needed.
    Basicly I need to know how to delete movies so it releases the space it used. When I delete the files now, the space is still used.
  6. maraxion

    maraxion Newbie
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    So here is a screenshot from my PC:

    As you can see there is a large grey "other" field. This is the same size my videos have ocupied in the past, but when I delete a movie it still stays up there. So every time I add a movie I get less space, but not any more when deleting a movie...

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