Dell Streak 5 Review

My Favorite Things About the Dell Streak 5:

The Big Beautiful Screen –

I really like the look and feel of this phone – it’s sleek. The 5” screen is so luxurious! It has the width, but it’s still a fairly thin phone. It has crisp graphics and I can browse the internet almost as if I were on my laptop. I can actually see what I’m trying to look at. I can finally view pictures and Youtube videos without squinting.

5 MegaPixel & Front-Facing Camera –

The Dell Streak 5 has both a 5 MegaPixel and a front-facing camera. That makes it easy to shoot a quick picture or video of yourself and it also means it’s video chat capable.

You’ve got to download the Fring app from the market in order to do this, but once it’s set up, it works awesomely. So if you miss your loved ones and long to see their faces – if they’ve also got phones with front facing cameras, and can get the Fring app, you should be able to connect.

Swipe –

Before I figured out how to use swipe on this phone, I hated texting. Even on my old touch screen phone, I kept all of that to a minimum. It was just too tedious and took too long. I’m used to typing 75 words per minute on the computer – I do not have the patience to peck away at a phone.

But I’ll be honest, the new Swipe feature that comes with the Android 2.2 upgrade has revived me. Now, I’m replying to emails, tweeting and posting to Facebook with my phone. At first it made no sense to me, but now I love it.

Accurate Voice Recognition Feature -

I’ve tried to use the voice recognition features on my mobile devices before and most of them were nothing more than disappointing and annoying. But the Dell Streak 5 has voice recognition that really works – and when it can’t pinpoint exactly what you’re saying, it lists some pretty accurate guesses.

Honestly, if it works for me with my slight Southern mixed with Mid-Western twang, I know it can work for anyone. I continue to be highly impressed with this feature because it helps me keep my hands free especially when driving. When I don’t feel like texting or even Swyping, I can always just speak my message.

Google Navigation (GPS) -

I still can’t believe this feature is free! It works with voice recognition input or Swype and offers turn-by-turn directions. This is an extremely important feature for me since relocating. Now, I can get anywhere without printing out Google Map instructions, I don’t have to take my eyes off the road – instead I can just listen out for the next turn.