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Dell Streak available ONLINE ONLY

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by IPvFletch, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Won't be in AT&T stores.

    I just confirmed with a few AT&T stores including some RMs of the stores.

    This includes Best Buy, Wal-Mart, AT&T Retail, AT&T Corporate stores.


    So basically you need to order online tomorrow via AT&T or Dell and today via Dell Pre-Sale if you can.

    Otherwise nobody is going into an AT&T store tomorrow "to pick one up". :(

  2. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    Not really sure if this is permanent or temporary issue. I have seen blogs that claim they will be in At&t stores in the morning and others that say "only via Dell direct". I can't believe Dell would pull a Google and try and sell it direct, unless their supplies are so low, they just can't sell that many.

    I have not seen anything that says At&t will be selling the device or on-line. There currently is no reference to the Dell Streak on the At&t site.

    I plan to give it a few weeks, hoping for "Red", new OTA OS update and reduced price through other sellers. If that doesn't happen then the Samsung Tablet may be my next device.

    There are some remote references on Amazon and Wirefly, haven't seen anything on Wal-Mart or Best Buy.
  3. jblaze5779

    jblaze5779 Well-Known Member

    I went by the ATT store yesterday and asked to see one. The lady had never even heard of it... I just left rather than try to deal with her.
  4. Big D

    Big D Well-Known Member

    Yeah I heard AT&T stores would have them, but I haven't seen any yet. I didn't bother to ask because I feel they always know less then we do.
  5. epi117

    epi117 Lurker

    took two days to get it after i ordered from dell online with free two day shipping.

    just got it last night, took it to store to get new sim as my iphone 4 sim would not work

    been playing with it all day. the wait wasnt to bad
  6. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    The wait isn't what's bothering me :thinking:

    It is bothering me more and more that this device is destined to fall off the face of the earth. No advertising, On-line only direct from Dell and the price is way more than I am willing to part with.

    Now that the Samsung Tablet release is only 2 weeks away and rumored pricing the same as the Samsung S with newer OS.

    I still have a hope that Dell will finally let go of the Streak and start selling through normal channels, but if that doesn't happen, there are allot of other devices out there coming soon.
  7. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    I searched for this online today. The only place I could order it from was Dell online. $299.99 with a new 2 year contract. Are they kidding! The OS is 1.6 and no advertising, no other markets selling it, under the present conditions, there is no way I would pay that kind of money for a unproven device. And lets face it, Dell doesn't have the best record for customer service. So yeah, I'll be holding on to my cash rather than dish it out for this. If it was being agressively marketed and the price was $199.99 or lower, yeah maybe, but not as it is now and they aren't going to change it..
  8. epi117

    epi117 Lurker

    Well, I kinda like it, the price was no biggie, i made money off selling the iphone.

    Wasnt to excited about it at first but its growing on me even with its limitations.

    I can live with 1.6 till they update it.

    Its much improved over my old HTC Advantage which was a brick (but i loved it)

    I used handbreak to change some AVI movies to MP4 and cosmos (which was next on my list to watch) looks stunning.

    getting use to transferring files and stuff but not a difficult learning curve

    not to worried about dell advertising, and the limitation of 1.6, as long as it does what i want, which is a large screen i am happy.

    Sold my ipad on craigslist yesterday also, figure i would sell it at its prime (i can always bum my wifes ipad) incase a 7inch shows up.

    all in all the streak is growing on me, not crying about 1.6 or Theorycrafting about how many dell is going to sell.

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