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Dell Streak - Playing music

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nb_mitch, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. nb_mitch

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    Just wanted to brag a little. I have had my Streak for 6 weeks now, I have listen to music with an App WunderRadio with headsets at home, but up until Sunday, I had not taken it out on the road. Because of my 200MB limit on 3G, I figured I wouldn't use the radio, but instead play some music I had downloaded with the stock music App.

    Now, in the past, listening to music on my motorcycle at high speeds with the speakers in my helmet was hard at best with my Blackberry Curve, but the sound quality seemed much better and much louder than my BB. I was completely amazed that even at speeds over 75+++ :D I had no issues hearing a clear clean song. I do have a small mini in-line amp, but I had it on my BB too, so the setup is the same and much much better.

    It is going to make riding and listening to music a great experience :cool:

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