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Dell Venue Review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shohratshankar, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. shohratshankar

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    I've been using a Dell Venue for the last 5 days now and am absolutely thrilled with it. I've moved from a Milestone and find that the venue is fast, smooth and has no Random Restarts (my milestone would re-start about 4 times a day).

    Dell Venue details:
    Great large screen using AMOLED- it gives pretty good visibility in the sun.
    Software:The Home interface is not very smooth when using Dell Stage UI; however, once I installed Launcher Pro it was just a dream.
    The gallery takes some time to load and that can be a little irritating.
    camera quality is great for pics in daytime and even for pics taken at night in good light.Camera not very good in dim light, also there is reflection of the camera flash into the lens due to the back cover of the phone.
    keyboard: the Swype keyboard takes a little getting used to. I use Swift key and that is pretty easy to use though I wish this had a keyboard like the Venue pro.
    The best part about this phone is the memory & Speed, I have been installing softwares like crazy and I still have loads n loads of space. 16GB memory card, 1GB ROM & 512 MB RAM. The 1 Ghz Snapdragon ensures that there is almost never any lag and I get to really enjoy using my phone.
    Battery: seems pretty ok, I'm certainly not charging it as much as I was for my milestone; however, it could still be better. my wife uses an HTC desire and that seems to last longer.
    Audio Quality: the sound from the phone ear piece is good and clear, i've had no problem on calls.
    The ringer is nice and loud. the speaker quality is decent though not as good and clear as the milestone and does distort a bit at high volume.
    Browsing the browsing experience is great and with Flash I have almost no need to pick up my laptop.

    The only problem I'm facing is with the Facebook application- it doesn't seem to work on Wifi. this is now fixed, problem was with my Wifi router. :)

    On the whole: I am thrilled with this phone and really happy that I got rid of my Milestone. Now I only hope the guys at XDA come up with a reliable method to root the thing (he he!! managed to do that) and then some good Gingerbread Custom ROMs. :)

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  2. Ottingerion

    Ottingerion Lurker

    Wow! That sounds really interesting. I was looking for an Android phone. Now, after checking out your review I think i should purchase the same. Dell is offering many discounts also. Thanks!

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