Nov 22, 2013
Hello. This is my first post in this forum.

I own a Dell Venue 7 & 8 tablets, but I couldn't find any thread the specifically lists threads related to the Dell Venue. So this may or may not be the right place to post this.

Last month, I ordered a Dell Venue 7 Android tablet. It worked fine until I accidentally dropped on the floor, causing the touchscreen to break. Now my touchscreen is almost entirely non-responsive and I can't gain access to most of my apps. I can still power the broken tablet one and off and there is no glitch display, however.

I had saved data from various downloaded apps, such as Angry Birds, and want to recover that data into my new Android Tablet, the Dell Venue 8. I had assumed that Google Play had saved game App data in their servers and that I could pick off from my resumed progress to my new tablet. I also heard about Titanium Backup, but I need my tablet to be rooted and both of my Dell Venue tablets (the broken one and my newer one) are NOT rooted.

I also tried to connect my Dell Venue 7 to my PC and while it detected my device, I can't find most of the App data even though I'm certain that I had checked "Back Up/Sync Data" from my old tablet before the screen cracked. Also, I could replace the broken screen and input a new screen, but the Venue lacks any screws. Connecting a Micro USB cable to each of my tablets could also be helpful, but I don't know if my new tablet can read data off my broken old tablet.

In conclusion, can my data be recovered and transferred to my new tablet or is it forever trapped in a tablet with a broken touchscreen. I hope someone can help me. Thanks.
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I moved this thread from Android Lounge to the forum where tablets are discussed that don't have a dedicated forum. This is the most likely place to find other users of your tablet.

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Hi, I own both the 7 and 8 tablets as well. Your best bet may be to contact Dell regarding data recovery. Although unfortunately their customer service can be hit or miss.

I don't believe there is a verified root method for these tablets. I've heard Dell has them locked up pretty tight. Good luck.