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Demigod Crash Handler: Apps Watchdog Bark!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bart2201, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else had this screen pop up on their phones? This is the third time its happened in two days, usually its a yellow screen with very small print in bright white. I have to use a magnifying glass to read it correctly. Basically it says: Demigod Crash Handler: Apps Watchdog Bark!
    Board Rev,: 1.0 Ram Dump Mode.
    Option : SD card ram dump mode. Push below files to sd card before test:
    rdcookie.txt, rtcookie.txt

    Please do following action.
    1) Ram dump mode. Please connect USB.
    2) Get the ram dump image using QPST configuration.
    3)If sd card ram dump enabled just wait for reboot.
    4)Collect ram dump files from your sd card or pc.
    5)Send e-mail to W5-BSP-global@lge.com

    Thats the entire thing, its a very bright lime green screen this time but has been also a bright yellow screen. When I googled it a see other refernces to it but with varying text and instructions but none newer than 2013. I've got Pure performance and Zippy 2.2 installed with very little changes made. If anyone could please give me some insight as to what the hell this thing is I would appreciate it. Each time it has come up I've been able to hold down the power button and force a restart and all is well after wards till it happens again. I'm concerned that I may not be able to reboot so easily next time and be stuck with this mess. I see mention of this when googled and no one has an explanation for it.

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  2. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think just to be safe I'm going to uninstall Performance and Zippy 2 and get back to stock as close as possible while staying rooted and still using most of the tools that are reliable and safe.
  3. Bichofelix

    Bichofelix Android Enthusiast

    Got the same thing in the (oddly enough) same timeframe as you. Mine said SOC reset though. Which is different.

    The thing that alarmed me was, afterward my device broke root and became unrootable. Tried several exploits and nothing. I restored a previous backup and it fixed it.
  4. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    This literally just happened to me a hour ago after I changed the lcd density and had to reboot.
  5. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    MartyMar did rebooting fix the problem or did you have to change any other settings? Also did you have the Performance or Zippy upgrades installed?
  6. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    I batter pulled twice then it was fine, I had that L70 mod file that was posted a while ago. I also had zippy but not the newest version.
  7. Hey gyz that same problem had i am facing with my lg l90 really tried so hard but i am not able to going into recovery whenever i tried my phone stuck into ramdump mode
    Help me plz

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