Android Expert
Oct 23, 2010
hi all,

i just got my desire and was downloading/syncing etc and wanted to make sure i did it over wifi rather than 3g but couldnt seem to get that to work :/ or wasnt sure if i had

i tried flight mode like iphone but that seem to turn off wifi too - so then tried normal mode and mobile network set to off - this seemed to leave the signal bars showing, so phone not actually off - so does that mean that data is off ?

I have the HERO on 2.2.. so i think they are the same.

1.. make sure you have wifi turned on...
2.. make sure you have logged on to wifie with your ID and password.
3. if all is working well, then your phone will auto use Wifi if it is in range and has a lock.
4. you will see at the top.. a symbol that will tell you which your phone is using at the time. 3G or Wifi.. It can not show both at the same time!
i tried flight mode like iphone but that seem to turn off wifi too
Are you unable to turn on WiFi after turning on flight mode? My Droid and other Android devices allow this.

In any case, as stated above, if WiFi is in use it will not use the mobile network.
seems when you turn on flight mode it always turns the wi-fi off...
i have the wi-fi widget on my screen aswell as the flight mode widget
so as soon as i turn on flight mode i can click to turn wi-fi on straight away...
the widgets are found in widgets/settings
if wi-fi is on then it will always show at the top by the battrie icon and will always use a wi-fi connection first