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Desire Firmware OTA Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rigsby, May 26, 2010.

  1. PJD

    PJD Well-Known Member

    ---Quote (Originally by neiltc13)---

    Thanks everyone for helping me sort this out. I've disabled OTA updates now and will be much more careful in future before simply hitting the OK button!
    ---End Quote---
    Not necessary, you'll be fine now that you're unlocked and up to date.

    The problem isn't the OTAs, the problem is people messing about with their phone's firmware without knowing what they're doing

    I have had no problems with my phone since day one ( quote "people messing about") we know people are rather inpatient but If I was in the market to purchase this particular phone and came across this forum I would be put off straight away simply because there seems to be more negative than positive comments about the phone at the moment

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  2. romek

    romek Newbie

    I updated my Vodafone UK Desire to and all seems fine. Phone is still unlocked, WiFi works fine.

    My guess is that this update might prep us for the Froyo update coming later this month.

    BTW I've installed Froyo on my friend's Nexus One and have to say it's BRILLIANT. Noticeably faster and the WiFi hotspot function is really really good.

    I have to say that very few apps actually use the "save to SD Card" function so the developers will all have to go back and make updates.

    Also, I would be very surprised if Vodafone allows the Hotspot function on the phone so I'm expecting to have to root my Desire after the 2.2 update comes out so that I can put the clean ROM image on it (not the Vodafone specific one that it currently has).

    And finally my friend's Desire has a SIM Card settings icon on the apps list that allows to make some SIM card changes which I do not have on mine. I got my Desire right when it was available on Vodafone so I'm wondering if my ROM is a little different from his (though all our versions are in sync: Kernel, Baseband, Software, etc.) strange....
  3. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Android Enthusiast

    I think this is to be expected. When everything's going well, there's not much to say. After all, "My Desire is wonderful" isn't very interesting. These forums are used mainly to ask for help with problems, and to share tips on how improve the user experience. Nearly all of the problems in this thread are from people who have used their Desire in a non-standard way.

    Having said that, the Desire isn't perfect. But I can excuse it because it's still an emerging technology and a fairly open platform. If you want a device that has the fewest problems, go with a controlled one - like an iPhone.
  4. len1952

    len1952 Lurker

    You can still use the phone without bothering with Orange. I had exactly the same problem as you. I went to HTCunlock (use google to find them) and obtained my 8 digit pin unlock code. this cost me
  5. Dreckly

    Dreckly Newbie

    Been following this thread eagerly, I have a Branded Orange Desire (Black) I have searched for updates yet I get a message stating my phone is up to date.

    Have anyone who has a Black orange branded desire been notified about or been able to update as of yet?
  6. antmatz

    antmatz Newbie

    I too have a branded orange desire also states up to date.
  7. NuGuy

    NuGuy Lurker

    Hi, i upgraded my Desire this morning, everything works except wifi :mad:
    Iv got a de-branded Orange Desire, the update went smooth no prob, once the update was done it started up fine, only thing i noticed was the Wifi didnt work, In Setting > Wireless & network, it say "unable to start Wi-Fi" under Wi-Fi.

    Firmware version; 2.1-update1
    Software number; 1.21.405.2

    ...^^ after update (cant remember pervious id)

    Any way to fix this without/ reflashing to old rom? would appreciate the help. thanks.
  8. Hatticus

    Hatticus Guest

    The short answer is no.

    The options seem to be:
    1. Reflashing with the original RUU file you used to debrand in the first place


    2. Reflash with a more up-to-date RUU, but this seems to SIM lock the phone (on Orange UK), which will require you to purchase an unlock code.
  9. NuGuy

    NuGuy Lurker


    thanks for the reply, jus got a quick question, when you reflash (either new rom or old rom) do you lose all your apps installed on your phone? what about setting/contact, message etc, if you do is there anyway of back up?

    and i've already got a unlock code, used it when i flashed the phone before, am guessing that wouldnt change, should stay the same (fingers crossed) :thinking:
  10. tuatha

    tuatha Well-Known Member

    Just download mybackup pro from the market. That will let you backup everything, apps included.

    Takes forever though.

    Unlock code should continue to work after flashing.

    edit: and the RUU is the first link in this thread:


    It's the same FW version, but with a newer radio image.
  11. gie62001

    gie62001 Android Enthusiast

    btw has alarm clocke change after OTA updata or it just looks different to me :)
    now its nice animated alarm but before i dont think it was animated or it looked different :)
  12. PJD

    PJD Well-Known Member

    I don't have a newer radio image and my alarm clock as always been animated
  13. jay29mcr

    jay29mcr Lurker

    I downloaded the update today from the phone. For those of you who don't have the unbranded update url its: http://liveimage.htc.com//OTA_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.21.405.2_1.15.405.4_release_P28tjyo7ovjwu8s0eu.zip

    It downloads fine then asks if i want to update to which i answer yes then the screen goes blank and the HTC logo comes up.

    Then the progress bar is about 1/4 filled when all of a sudden a big red ? (question mark) comes up and the phone restarts and tells me to download the same update again!

    Obviously its failing to install the update and informing me that the install did nothing so how do i get it to install?

    I also tried downloading the file from the site on my PC then copying the file to my SD Root directory and renaming to update.zip, then putting the phone into recovery mode and trying to flash from SD card but keep getting a message similar to "permission denied. Verification failed".

    Any other ideas?
  14. Linkey

    Linkey Newbie

    Unbranded and unrooted HTC Desire. Everything goes alright except for the battery. I have the same problem as many of the members here.
  15. Shallow_

    Shallow_ Newbie

    Looks like you cannot snooze with optical trackball after update.
    t0Msha likes this.
  16. FelixofMars

    FelixofMars Well-Known Member

    Probably find Orange drag their heels, I mean don't you want all that wonderful bloatware they have to get that to work with the update.

  17. Markg

    Markg Android Enthusiast

    Brilliant! Well spotted.
  18. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I was connected to Wi-Fi last night and didn't get the update, but when I connected to the Wi-Fi at work this morning it prompted for software v1.21.405.2. I'm on 3.

    During the update process it failed to create a backup to the SD card. Is this because I've got 'Back up my data & settings' disabled? I would have thought something as important as a software update would override such a setting one time for this process.
  19. keyser soze

    keyser soze Lurker

    I have an unlocked, unbranded htc desire and did the ota 2-3 days ago.The major thing i have noticed is this update has fixed the issue of 3g not connecting after using wifi, or when mobile data is turned off.Before if i turned off mobile data ( i usually do when im not using the internet ) or when wifi was on, most of the time i had the activate the airplane mode to get the 3g back on. Last two days i have been turning mobile data on and off all the time, switching between wifi and 3g and no connection problem.the only issue witch is still contineuing is the BT problem.Can't seem the send files over BT properly.most of the time it fails to send the files.
  20. mr-mixalot

    mr-mixalot Newbie

    Morning, just spoke to HTC about the WiFi not working after the OTA update, they cannot understand why this has happened, but are happy to sort this out under warranty since the hard reset option did not work.

    PS - When I did the Hard Reset the bootloader was still 0.75 is this correct?, I thought it changed to 0.80 after this update.

    Just deciding whether or not to go with this (no phone for 7 days :()
    or create a Gold Card and reflash tonight

    What do you guys think??
  21. Sheshnag

    Sheshnag Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know when this update will be available for Orange UK users??
  22. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Android Enthusiast

    I'm on Orange and I've got the update, but I had to manually check for it. (About phone/system software updates.)
  23. stringent

    stringent Member

    Did mine yesterday via OTA, had to switch phone off and on again before it invoked the update install. Have an unbranded unlocked Desire. All seems to be working fine.
  24. Roxolid

    Roxolid Well-Known Member

    finally found google earth in market, but,,it downloads ok but will not install, comes up as "insufficient memory" task manager says i have over 100mb spare and i have over 11gb on my card, whats the problem ????
  25. meemaw

    meemaw Newbie

    I expect T-Mobile will give us the update in Julember.

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