Root Desire HD rooting questions


Hi there i just got a new upgrade of the htc desire hd which is brillant, better than the iphone 4 imo. i was intressted in rooting it but theres a few questions i cant find answers to.

Im familar with jailbreaking but i wasnt too keen on changin the whole os im quite happy with the one it comes with, i would just like to be able to get a few apps

how exactly does rooting work is what i cant find a answer to, i understand its flashing the the rom with a custom os essetinally but all these different roms are they different OS's and will they Look and behave different to the standard OS.

Apart from being able to run certain apps and the sd card thing, is there any other advantages to rooting, i read alot that it will allow u to do wifi tethering but i can do that in the stock os, are some of them actually faster?

What rom would u suggest for sumoone who likes the standard os but wud like more control?



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Although my rooting FAQ is for the HTC desire (not HD), it will answer a lot of questions you may have.

Just dont use any of the links to guides or applications or roms as they are for the desire.


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i am not sure what you are intending to gain from rooting, and would suggest against it in case you arent sure. personally, i dont find too much to gain from rooting the dhd as there are now apps for most stuff you would want to do. and more importantly, you would be voiding your warranty (yes i know you can reinstall the stock firmware blah blah) by rooting and also not receive OTA updates (and yes i know you can reinstall the stock firmware blah blah) 2p fwiw!


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Same reason i didn't root my phone, i was all up for rooting it but found out that the DHD or Froyo rather lets you tether the phone now so i don't need to root it anymore. That was the biggest advantage when i was looking into rooting so now it comes as stock means that rooting is now pointless for me. I may look into it in the future however as i am trying to get Sense UI widgets onto LauncherPro
Hi Guys, soz if these are stupid questiosn but:

a) When people say that rooting voids warranty, will that also void an insurance claim? I understand that it will void manufacturers warranty but will an insurance company still pay out for a broken phone even if it's rooted (I know it may vary from company to company but in general)?

b) Will rooting help me resolve the issues I have with stock apps running in the background? My DHD is on orange and they install so much stock rubbish it's unreal, let alone the rubbish stock twitter/peep apps etc. that are constantly running that I never use. More relevantly is it at all possible for me to restore the selection of stock apps (stuff like "Your Orange") that I do use once I've rooted (baring in mind these apps aren't on the store).

Any help would be appreciated!


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I am not sure. If it is accidental breakage cover, you should be ok insurance wise, but it cannot be guaranteed.

You can remove system/apps if you root, but you have to be very careful what you do delete.

if this is your main reason though, temp root with visionary and install titanium backup. You can remove apps using that. Then once rebooted, root is gone. No warranty issues or anything.
Thanks SuRoot, I may give that a try. It's not system apps that are the problem, more stock apps/games and widgets that serve no purpose and are for some reason always running in the background (according to Watchtower anyway).

If anybody else has some input on the insurance issue it would be appreciated, I'm sure somebody on this forum must have put a claim in on a rooted phone at some point!