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Desire Hd speaker phone acting up. need help...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by araisikewai, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. araisikewai

    araisikewai Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've been using this phone for over a year w/o any problem but lately, since I last update some apps (and only apps, no android vers upgrade) my speaker phone seems to be glitchy. During calls, the speaker phone always turn on all by itself as if it was set on by default.

    Is there anyway I can make the speaker phone to be the way it used to be? As in only turn on only when I tap the icon? Because I can't find any setting at all that deals with this.

    A further info, there seems to be a glitch that the car panel apps also turn on by itself twice even without ever using any dock at all. Might it be if in car panel mode, the speaker phone was defaulted to on? FYI, I've never even used the car panel apps before, therfore it's strange that it does turn on out of a sleep/lock screen. I've turn off the auto launch so it never turn on again, but the speaker phone prob still persist.

    Android ver 2.3.3 Sense 2.1 no rooting. If the only solution is to hardreset, anyone know how I can save all my apps state so I can restore later? Installing the apps all over again seems to be a major headache.

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  2. dragon84

    dragon84 Newbie


    I personally use an app called rerware backup pro and i always use this to backup my data sms/apps/mms/....etc when i either switch roms or do a factory reset. I believe that apps are linked to your google account so it should restore when you connect back to the market after a factory restore and contacts are backuped to you gmail account. i not too sure what app will backup your app saved games/settings though But it's always good to have a backup of everything just incase something does go wrong during the process.

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