May 21, 2011
Hi, first off I don't really know what all the terms mean when it comes to rooting etc, but my phone is rooted, and has a ROM? installed, I can't remember which one it is, but it is at least Android 4.0 and could potentially be Cyanogenmod.

The past few weeks my phone has been restarting randomly and freezing every now and again. This morning when I tried to unlock it the touchscreen wasn't responding, and this had happened before. I took the battery out and tried to turn it back on. I see HTC splash screen pop up, and that's all I get. I've tried turning it on whilst plugged in charging, and still nothing. It's all fully charged. I've tried turning it on whilst holding the volume down button and it vibrates 3 times and still nothing.

Hey James,

Sorry this is a little late, but I've moved you over to the all-things-root subforum for you in hopes that the kind, knowledgeable folks in here can help you out.

Best of luck! :thumbup:
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are you sure you werent holding vol up? 3 vibes can be qualcom diagonostic mode via power/vol up. 5 or 7 vibes is an indicator of a hardware failure for ACE models.
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