Help Desire Headphone Volume Problem


Hello there,

I hope someone can help me :) I have had my Desire since September and I've been very happy with it. However, in the past few days, something has happened to it.

When plugging in the headphones and turning the music app on, the volume is at full blast. I can not turn it down using the media buttons on the side. The screen shows the volume being turned down, but nothing actually happens. When put on mute, the volume is still on and at its maximum. This also happens on the Youtube app too. However, when I plug the headphones in and turn the FM radio app on, the phone responds like it should, turning the volume up, down and muting it.

I have tried doing a soft and hard reset (losing my Angry Birds scores in the process, oops) but none of these have been successful.

Any help would be much appreciated! I don't want to send it back unless its a last resort.

Thanks :)


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Nope, the phone hasn't been rooted at all. I can't really think of anything that I changed that could of made this happen :S


I'm having a similar issue with the volume when using headphones with my desire. Also when I make or receive calls loudspeaker is on. I had some trouble with car mode being enabled and although I though I'd solved that problem and my phone no longer tells me car mode has been enabled I have a suspicion that it is still on. I think it may all be due to a fault with the micro usb connector as when I jiggle the lead from my charger when it is connected I can sometimes temporarily solve the problem. Obviously this is the port that would detect if the phone was in a car dock and therefore would trigger car mode to come on. Cant figure out a way to permanently solve this so would be most grateful if anyone has any ideas?? Otherwise I think its going to be a warranty job!


i have developed the exact two problems and nothing has helped, including factory data reset as advised by htc customer support.... anyone with any ideas please help..
Any luck on this? I have the exact same issue: The media volume will not respond and is always on full blast on the Spotify app, makes it impossible to use. I have also experienced some issues where the speaker is on by default on incoming calls, even though the phone is not in car mode.
I have exactly the same problem with my headphone volume and incoming calls. I haven't tried fiddling about with the adapter yet, but don't have high hopes. The first time I noticed this problem is after I had turned of the automatic car mode, so I suspect that.