Desire - Kindle App

Hi Guys,

I have the kindle app - I have about 20 books on my device.

I am about to move to a Nexus S - and am worried I wont be able to take my books?

Anyone know how to do this?

I understood that once they were installed on a device, you can not install them on another device, right or wrong?



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Wrong. Like apps from the Android market once bought always yours. Download the app on your new device, sign in to your kindle account and away you go.

Casual Pete

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The books are stored in the Kindle folder on your SD card,they're .mobi files.

Just copy them to your PC then you can copy them back into the Kindle folder on your new phone.

I use books that haven't been purchased from Amazon that way,works a treat.


Or just do what infernalbyte said above, they sync anyway.


I have Kindle on my pc, netbook and Desire. All are synched to Amazons servers. You can have up to a maximum of 5 devices per account. All the books I have (about 80 in total) are present on all my devices. i didn't copy them from the pc to netbook etc, just let amazon/kindle do it for you.

So you can just download kindle for the nexus, login, it will sync automatically. You may have to retrieve archived items if they don't auto download.

Works everytime :)

If you try to connect more than 5 devices to your account kindle will tell you. You can just go to the kindle store and de-register any device you no longer use.