Help DESIRE: Letters on kb don't light up when I type them



When typing anything, the letter you're typing usually lights up in green, so you know you hit the right one. A few mins ago I was typing something and it seemed to stop doing that mid-sentence.

I figured I'd accidentally switched something off. When I hit the little "cog" icon to go into the settings, I don't find one relating to that. It still vibrates with each keypress and there's a setting option for that.

I read through the instruction manual as well and didn't find anything there either.

Anyone?? :eek:
On my stock HTC keyboard the key does not light up green - it just goes a darker shade of grey making it look like a pushed button. The only green on my keyboard is the suggested word in the autocomplete options list. Are you using the HTC keyboard or have you installed one of the alternatives?