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Desire running of charger?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Magel282, May 30, 2010.

  1. Magel282

    Magel282 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys and gals. Just bought a new Desire the other day and loving it so far :). Was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the phone runs of the charger when its plugged in? i.e. the phone has finished charging (green light) and runs of the charger until it's unplugged..

    Thanks :).

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  2. twisted_mind

    twisted_mind Member

    no.. infact the desire has a quirk where once it reaches 100% charge.. it doesn't trickle-charge. From 100% charge it starts using the battery... and keeps discharging till you unplug the charger and plug it back in.
    Fail decision by whoever at HTC that though of this..
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  3. ulstersoldier

    ulstersoldier Newbie

    ahh this explains a lot as i would charge my phone all night but when i check it in the morning its not fully charged
  4. DesireMe

    DesireMe Android Expert

    I leave my phone charging over night and whether it's on or off. It says the battery is at 100%.
  5. twisted_mind

    twisted_mind Member

    ^^ you're lucky desireme :) i've read about this issue a lot since the day i got the desire and it seems many folks are affected.
  6. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Always fully charged when I wake up too!
  7. Rew

    Rew Well-Known Member

    I've left mine on a few times overnight and it's always said 100% the next morning, that's with the phone switched on.
  8. Ghâshûl

    Ghâshûl Well-Known Member

    Always 100% when I take it off the charger after the night.
  9. kaso

    kaso Newbie

    Mine's 100% when I take it off the charger cable (I charge through a Eee Netbook which has power on USB when charged - this way I can keep 2 x Desire (my wifes and mine) and the netbook charged at the same time).
  10. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Android Expert

    mine is at either 99 or 100% in the morning but drops to about 96-97% within about 5 mins of disconnecting. from then on it discharges at a normal rate.
  11. beyond

    beyond Guest

    I think HTC are trying to emulate Apple's laptop technology. On my macbook pro, it will charge up to 100 but say you do something processor hungry for a couple of minutes where it can't charge fast enough so it drops to say 98%, it will keep it at this level until it drops under 95%. The reasoning is because the new batteries work better this way instead of trickle charging, which in the long term damages the battery life. Also, so far I have used 10 'cycles' of the battery; one cycle counts as every full 100 discharge, so a drop from 90 to 60 counts as only 30%. HTC are gonna need to work at it to achieve something similar.
  12. Sybex

    Sybex Newbie

    Mine is the same, always charges to 100% and will stay charged to 100% all the time the handset is pluged into the charger or USB.........
  13. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    If I pull mine within an hour of charging, it will stay at 100%, and in the morning is still at 97%.

    If I leave mine on for an hour after charging it shows 100%, but hits 95% after 10 minutes.
  14. paulcooper

    paulcooper Android Enthusiast

    Interesting as mine has said 100% and sometimes about 97%, 3% is a lot to lose when it's not doing anything and is still connected to AC charger!
  15. Magel282

    Magel282 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dam was hoping the phone ran of the charger. Ohwel thanks :)

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