Help Desire S : Dead Boot...

HTC Desire S, Doesn't power On, all i can see is black screen. No vibration but my Computer (win7) recognizes the Phone as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (Com8)". Tried to download QPST software and actually recognizes the phone but i don't know where to start restoring files :thinking:. any Help would greatly be appreciated...Thanks Guys.

Note: My friend said he accessed the phones eMMC with the fastboot commands.

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Unfortunately, my computer doesn't recognize my phone anymore...when i type fastboot devices nothing happens... thank you for the reply


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Is your USB working at all? If it's the USB that's 'bricked' there are some things to try, e.g. see this link.

If it's the eMMC that's the problem, then this thread might be worth reading. (There are other eMMC 'brick' related threads on and

You'll need to marry the symptoms of your problem to the suggested solutions as it's possible to dig yourself a bigger hole with the wrong fix.

However, if your phone is still under warranty, then sending it back for repair is probably the best option.