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Support desire s - design flaw?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by desiresed1982, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. desiresed1982

    desiresed1982 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 9, 2011
    ive been having a dispute with my phone network for almost 2 months now over my HTC desire s that i got from them in August. basically,its developed a screen fault. the screen flickered and then shut off and about 10 minutes later it happend again and has not come back on since.

    the phone charges, it turns on, vibrates and you can hear the sound, just cant see the screen. i sent it away to be repaired and it didnt come back for a few weeks until i chased it up. it came back to the shop, liquid damage. my phone instinct was "what the f*ck", the phone was looked after perfectly and there is zero chance of water damage. the pic that showed the "damage" showed the flux cable from the lcd to the mainboard as being water damaged. ive looked at the phone since, ive opened it up and after removing practically every part of the phone and the protective sheet over the capacitors on the board, i was able to remove the flux cables. for those of you familiar with the phone, those connectors are located on the right hand side, just inside the casing. the casing is spotless and has no effects of damage.

    there is a small dark anomaly on the corner of the flux cable less than 1mm in diameter, which is conceeled with in the flux holder on the board of the phone who is actually protected with a sheet, perhaps to prevent it from something?

    the company refuse to accept that is virtually impossible for water damage to have caused this, due to the location and the sheer size of the damage. to me, the flux cable has a fault in it. or, to sum it up, just keep reffering me to the repair company.

    i rang the repair office this week and spoke to one of their team on the phone. he conceeded that the phone was not damaged as such by actual water damage, but he gave 2 possible scenarios - rain or condensation. now, how can a phone worth 300euro allow one drop of rain inside it or suffer from condensation in an area of 1mm in size? also, would this not show a design fault with the phone? there is no other area of the phone with water damage, so its 99.99% clear.

    has anybody else suffered from liquid damage on a htc or infact, noticed that the lcd on the phone is susceptable to generating condensation very easily?

    i can post pics, though i cannot get them to fully show the full details and the fact that the "damage" is so small makes it impossible to see anyway.

    appreciate any assistance here, im getting it looked at again tomorrow, but i dont expect much.


  2. Pidge123

    Pidge123 New Member

    Mar 27, 2012
    Had same response from technical department for 3 after desire s kept shutting down on me every few days and taking forever to get a charge. Repair centre say that the phone has got internal water damage and I have never dropped it or spilt anything on it, they stated it could be due to rain or condensation. Ridiculous that you cannot use a mobile phone in the rain. Presently hitting a brick wall and being advised to get a new phone will cost me an arm and a leg. Only had it 6 months when it started giving me problems. Will never get a HTC again that is a fact as I can only explain it as a design fault but reading their warranty the y give themselves a massive get out clause stating warranty not covered by deteroation of the product through normal wear and tear....!!!! Problems started with poor battery performance which I put down to being an Android phone and need hours of recharging then started shutting down about 3 months ago. Unbelievablely poor quality I think as i have looked after this phone better than any other, just waiting for the photographic evidence and letter confirming I have no claim back from the repair centre....
  3. Haemmordroid

    Haemmordroid Member

    Dec 20, 2011
    My 1 week old Desire S developed a black spot in the middle of the screen about a week after I got it, but mysteriously dissapeared the next day. It returned last Sturday and has been there for a week now so I am going to take it back but I'm not very hopeful. Not very impressed with it, it turns itself off to and there is no decent PC software for it. The reception is poor for internet connection on anything except Wi-Fi too. I wish I had gone for an iPhone now. I will report what happens.....
  4. princesschris

    princesschris New Member

    Jul 20, 2012
    seems i have the same problem! What more can I say.:mad:

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